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Website updates

Now there’s no chance of getting lost while trying to find the start or finish lines. We have added/updated driving instructions and maps for both. Start line Finish line (Panorama Park)

Website updates

The dust has settled, the paint has dried, and all the boxes have been unpacked (so that’s where we put the good dishes!). But there are still some minor changes needed on the website before we can really feel at home. For example, we’ve recently added or updated these pages...

New route maps added

Are you new to the Baden Powell trail? Do you often follow weaving squirrels instead of watching for orange trail markers? Well, to help keep you on the straight and narrow, we’ve added a link to a Cypress Provincial Park map and a map section of Mt. Seymour Provincial Park....

Knee Knacker 2012 Race Day: July 14

Believe it or not, planning for Knee Knacker 2012 starts very soon for the Race Committee. We like to plan early so that all you runners and volunteers can relax on race day (July 14). The 2012 race entry deadline is February 29 and you can check out all the...

Knee Knacker First Ever Snow Report

Those of you who have been training on the upper reaches of the the Baden-Powell…or live within the visual corridor of the North Shore mountains…or aren’t living in cave (then again…)…have probably been fretting over the unusual trail conditions attributed to this year’s snow pack.