Infractions and sanctions


The race com­mit­tee has two sanc­tions for infrac­tions of rules:

  • Dis­qual­i­fi­ca­tion – runner will not appear as an offi­cial fin­isher in the race results.
  • Future entry denied – appli­ca­tion for runner for a future Knee Knacker Race will be returned.


Infrac­tions result­ing in dis­qual­i­fi­ca­tions are:

  • Short­cut­ting of the course.
  • Miss­ing a checkpoint.
  • Get­ting in a moving vehicle.
  • Fail­ing to remain at a check­point for med­ical eval­u­a­tion on request of check­point personnel.
  • Run­ning with a dog, pole, or any other aids.
  • Fail­ing to with­draw on request of race officials.
  • Imped­ing another runner.
  • Running with a pacer.
  • Failing to check in on race morning.

Infrac­tions result­ing in denial of future entry are:

  • Run­ning as a bandit
  • Crew­ing for a bandit runner.
  • Running with a pacer.
  • Running as a pacer.
  • Having crews drive cars to areas des­ig­nated as off limits.
  • Lit­ter­ing.
  • Fail­ing to with­draw from the race for missed cutoff times.
  • Fail­ing to respect pri­vate property.
  • Mis­treat­ing aid sta­tion per­son­nel, other vol­un­teers or other runners.
  • For safety and lia­bil­ity rea­sons, any attempt at doing a “Knee Knacker double” during race week­end is not allowed. This means run­ning from Deep Cove to Horse­shoe Bay start­ing the night before race morn­ing and then expect­ing to run as an offi­cial par­tic­i­pant of the race. If this is attempted, you will be asked to sur­ren­der your race number. If you still decide to run during the race, you will be con­sid­ered a bandit (see first point in this section).

The race com­mit­tee reserves the right to impose sanc­tions for behav­iour not specif­i­cally men­tioned here, and can follow these guidelines and/or impose penalties as they deem appropriate.