Sunday training program

  • Sunday training runs are coordinated by Glenn Pacé, Owen Hope and occasionally by other race committee members.
  • These are the traditional routes – our run leader will be aware of any trail closures for specific weeks and post exact routes a few days prior on our Facebook & Strava pages as well as briefing runners in person at the start of the run.
  • Run meeting times, start and end locations are correct, but the exact routes in between will be changed as needed based on current trail closures.
  • There will likely be runners in a variety of pace groups on each run.
  • Please check our Facebook or Strava on the day before or morning of the run for last minute updates.
  • Use the Feedback Form to send questions to the training run coordinator.

2024 Schedule

DateRoute NameMeeting PlaceMeeting TimeRun Time (hours)Distance (km)Elevation Gain (meters)Info
May 05Grouse to M­tn. H­wy. returnGrouse Mtn.8:00 am2-313800Map and info
May 12Grouse to LSCR gazebo return Grouse Mtn.8:00 am3-4191050Map and info
May 19Grouse to Mtn. Hwy. up to Grouse Mtn.Grouse Mtn.8:00 am3-4211200Map and info
May 26Cleve­land Dam to Hollyburn Mtn. returnCleveland Dam8:00 am3-4231300Map and info
June 02Last half (Cleveland Dam to Deep Cove)Cove Cliff Elementary School in Deep Cove7:30 am3-423.51150Map and info
June 09Deep Cove to Mtn. Hwy. returnCove Cliff Elementary School in Deep Cove7:30 am4-6321500Map and info
June 16Cypress Cross Country ticket booth to Deep CoveCove Cliff Elementary School in Deep Cove7:30 am4-6321250Map and info
June 23First three-quarters (Nelson Canyon Park to Lynn Canyon)Kilmer Park parking lot7:30 am4-7332000Map and info
Jun 30First half (Nelson Canyon Park to Cleveland Dam)Cleveland Dam7:30 am3-4221400Map and info
July 07Last quarter (Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove)Cove Cliff Elementary School in Deep Cove7:30 am2-312550Map and info
July 13Race dayNelson Canyon Park6:00 am4:32-10482450Map

What to bring

  • 2 water bottles minimum! Fanny packs or hand held bottles are the usual
  • Food-energy bars, energy gels, bagels, candy, etc.
  • Optimistic attitude, trail fit bodies and a sense of direction
  • Change of clothes
  • Money for cab or treat (for the training coordinators)

Meeting places