We need you!

Volunteers like you are what makes the Knee Knacker a big success. On race day, we need about 200 high-energy, eager (and maybe over-caffeinated!) early risers to pull it all off and help get the runners across the finish line.

As a volunteer:

  • Sign up using the Volunteer Signup form. A list of available positions is found on that form.
  • You will receive a commemorative t-shirt and a ticket to the Knee Knacker banquet.
  • Please specify your t-shirt size (unisex) when you sign up.
  • If you sign up after May 1, we cannot guarantee the t-shirt size.
  • We prefer to assign you to your requested duty and location, but we reserve the right to put you in another area based on our needs and priorities. (Of course, we’ll check with you first.)