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Ode to Eagle Bluff

“I’ve just ascended straight up the side of a mountain, climbing over scree, talus fields, and giant boulders. At no time did I see anything that even remotely resembled an actual trail. Perhaps there was a trail there once… Before it got buried under several tons of rock by an avalanche...

Eagle Bluffs race day photos from Ivan Yastrebov

“At Eagle Bluffs finally, after we ascend the seemingly unending and relentless steep climbing! We know we still have to climb to the top of Black, and that there are other climbs in the program.  However, they will a lot easier and shorter than what’s been up to here.  Unfortunately, due to...

Race day photos from cloud covered Eagle Bluffs

Cloud (not smoke) blanketed Black Mountain and Eagle Bluffs on race day. No views were to be had but the music rocked as the Aid Station recruited Black Sabbath to serve the Knee Knackerers. Karen Chow’s race day photos from Eagle Bluffs are here.

Watch and experience the 2014 Knee Knacker race

With race day just over two weeks away, we figured this is the perfect time to share some inspiration. A huge thank you to Jeff Pelletier for putting together another fantastic Knee Knacker video and to Dave Melanson for capturing footage from our 2014 event. Enjoy!

June 7 training run route change

To take advantage of the snow-free Black Mtn. conditions, the training run co-ordinators are changing this Sunday’s June 7th run. The route change will help build up your physical and mental stamina, and offer spectacular views at Eagle Bluffs. Instead of going from Panorama Park to St. George’s Bench, the...

Race day photos from She Saw

The rock slab below Eagle Bluffs is one of the steep sections to Black Mountain. Thank you for your smiles as you nimbly traverse up this pitch.  Apologizes to Laura, Clive and Marc who missed their photo moment when the camera battery died. 🙁 Karen Chow’s race day photos from the rock slab are here.