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Race day photos from She Saw

The rock slab below Eagle Bluffs is one of the steep sections to Black Mountain. Thank you for your smiles as you nimbly traverse up this pitch.  Apologizes to Laura, Clive and Marc who missed their photo moment when the camera battery died. 🙁 Karen Chow’s race day photos from the rock slab are here.

Race day photos from Herman Kwong

Spectacular views and enthuastic Knee Knackerers with a scattering of bugs summed up the experience on Eagle Bluffs on Race day. Herman Kwong (Knee Knacker veteran) race day photos from Eagle Bluffs are here. Note:  To ensure he arrived before the first runners, Herman started his hike to Eagle Bluffs at 4:45am!

July 7 – Course marking 1st half – We saw

The Hares and the Tortoise On Monday evening, Glenn and his crew marked the first half of the race from Nelson Canyon Park to Cleveland Dam using two teams. Team 1, the Hares (Ken Legg, Michel Roberge and Ian McIver), marked the course from the Start (Nelson Canyon Park) to...

Knee Knacker race flyover video

Last year, for the 25th running of the Knee Knacker, Tim Jones, North Shore Rescue, Talon Helicopters, and cameraman Pat Bell captured amazing helicopter footage of runners on course up Eagle Bluffs, over Black Mountain and onto Cypress. Jeff Pelletier did a stellar job of editing extensive footage and I...