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Race day photos from Ron Nicholl

Ron Nicholl (Kneeknacker veteran) ran the first half of the course and unfortunately had to stop at Cleveland Dam 🙁 Ron continued his race day experience photographing his fellow KneeKnackerers as they ran the final 400metres to the Finish line. Here is Ron’s race day photo album.

Race Day Photos from Geoff Gasior

Even though the last minute call for a Cypress photographer was filled, Geoff offered to take race day photos at Cypress. Thank you, Geoff. Geoff Gasior’s race day photos from: the Start line are here. Cypress Checkpoint are here. 400m west of Cleveland Dam are here.

Race Day Photos around Memorial Connector Trail

Knee Knackerers cruised downhill (with some uphill bumps), some with sore IT bands, trashed quads, cramping calves or sprained ankles, but not all at once. Determination and perseverance was played out in the last 4 kms. Karen Chow’s race day photos around the new Memorial Connector Trail are here.    

Race Day Photos from Rosalind Duane

You can expect to see a lot of things along the trails in North Vancouver, but a toga party and Roman baths probably weren’t on the list. Another great effort by Pat Love and her crew to bring humour and entertainment to the final section of the course, where her sponge...

Reality begins at packet pick-up

Nervous faces. Smiles. Friends and fellow runners talking about anything and everything, except the race that’s about to start in just over 30 hours. The excitement begins to build and reality sinks in as the packet pick-up goes by in a blur. Then Kelsy gathers the room for the pre-race...

Race Day Photos from Herman Kwong

Vegas, baby!  LSCR transformed into Vegas with showgirls, a Vegas wedding, slot machines, palm trees, playing cards, a poker table overload with buffet treats and beverages (spiked with electrolytes). All this was supervised by Roxy who can be seen checking for missing names. Herman Kwong (Kneeknacker veteran) race day photos from Vegas Aid Station are here. For those obsessed, there...