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Trail elves needed for Black Mountain trail project

We’re calling on trail elves to help tackle an ambitious project in the Black Mountain area of Cypress Provincial Park. Since 2011, Knee Knacker has had a successful partnership with BC Parks, the Friends of Cypress Provincial Park, and the North Shore Wetland Partners. We’ve worked together to make lots of...

Gardening on a grand scale at Hyannis

Okay, if you really must dot the ‘i’ and cross that ‘t’, our crew of twenty-three Knee Knacker trail elves were actually landscaping. And building. And digging. And moving stuff. Of course, potentially shaving a few seconds off everyone’s time was just the cherry on top of the improvements that...

2015 Knee Knacker Race Volunteers

This is the last set of 2015 Race Day photos. It’s a photo gallery of some of the 190 Knee Knacker volunteers as they: Lugged kegs of water to Black Mountain; Recruited Black Sabbath to serve water on Black Mountain; Ran Cleveland Dam aid station with the efficiency of a well oiled machine; Dressed as Vegas...

Race day photos from Panorama Park (Finish line area)

What happens when the photography crew descends upon Panorama Park to feast at “Picnic in the Park”?  Yup, out comes the camera. Below are captured moments from several of the photography crew: Graham Johnson’s photo album Mike Jones’ photo album Karen Chow’s photo album Herman Kwong’s photo album.  

Race day photos from Clement Cheung

Clement Cheung’s race day photos from: Start line is in this photo album. Black Mountain with Black Sabbath aid station crew at work/play is in this photo album.

Race day photos from Ron Nicholl

Ron Nicholl (Kneeknacker veteran) ran the first half of the course and unfortunately had to stop at Cleveland Dam 🙁 Ron continued his race day experience photographing his fellow KneeKnackerers as they ran the final 400metres to the Finish line. Here is Ron’s race day photo album.