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Follow us on race day at Twitter

Gary Robbins will be live-tweeting the race @kneeknacker ! The updates start at 6am and will continue throughout the day. You can also follow him on Facebook at #kknstr

July 7 – Training Run Photos – She saw

Thank you Knee Knackerers for being excellent running models at Lynn Canyon Park.   Karen Chow’s  training run photos from: Lynn Canyon Park and Hyannis Drive are here. Panorama Park (Finish line area) are here. Have a great run on Race Day!

Little mountain goat in heels

For all you first-timers… ah, what the heck, even for all you multi-year Knee Knackerers :-)… here are some beautiful thoughts from a 2012 first-timer, Little Mountain Goat in Heels. Be inspired and don’t worry, it’s been an amazing journey to come this far, so enjoy every moment of the...