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Panorama Park race day photos from Veaw Cox

Veaw Cox’s race day photos from Panorama Park are in this photo album. Note:  The proceeds of all photo purchases are donated to North Shore Search and Rescue.   Each photo is a digital download for $1USD.

Cleveland Dam race day photos from VFK

To quote a Facebook post from Sybille Tinsel (Cleveland Dam aid station captain): “In my memory (and I have been the Cleveland Dam aid station captain for a long time), it never rained on race day…and certainly never rained that hard during the race.”  Enzo Federico agreed: “This was the wettest we’ve...

Black Mountain race day photos from Herman Kwong

Herman joined the witches and warlords for their early morning hike to Black Magic Mountain.    Even with the challenging wet conditions,  he adeptly captured soaked runners as they crested Black Mountain. Herman Kwong’s race day photos are in this photo album.

Black Magic Mountain “Aid” Station photos from Herman Kwong

The runners encountered witches and warlords at the Black Magic Mountain “Aid” station.  They witnessed these witches and warlords displayed their spells and magic so ferociously, even the sky cried with heavy tears.  Their elixers, which were bubbling with white smoke, gave the super power of descent to each runner.   Runners, who downed their potions, arrived...