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Tidying up

The aftermath has been sorted, disposed of, distributed, cleaned, washed, cataloged and put away. Ready to do it all over again in 12 months!

More Start Line photos

Start line photos from Ken Blowey are here,  Karen Chow’s are here.

Twas the night before Knee Knacker…

With all of 15 hours to go before KKNSTR 2011 start, I wanted to take a minute to share my sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who work to make this run possible, to our great community sponsors, and to all of our runners who take on this adventure....

Knee Knacker First Ever Snow Report

Those of you who have been training on the upper reaches of the the Baden-Powell…or live within the visual corridor of the North Shore mountains…or aren’t living in cave (then again…)…have probably been fretting over the unusual trail conditions attributed to this year’s snow pack.