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Race finishers photos from Graham Johnson (Finish Times: 7h13m to 10h3m)

Graham Johnson’s finishers race day photos for finishing times between 7hrs 13mins to 10hrs 3mins are here.     Please see this post for finishing times before 7hrs 13mins. All Finisher line photos can be downloaded for free; there is no fee for finish line photos. (To download a finish line photo, click the desired photo’so that...

Race Day Photos from David Anderson

“The Trailblazers” – 112 Knee Knacker finishes between these five Knee Knackerers (… and counting).   David, Ron, Ron, Neil and Ean:  you have set and continue to raise the bar. David was registered to run the Knee Knacker this year but had to withdraw.    When the last minute call went out for...

Race day photos from cloud covered Eagle Bluffs

Cloud (not smoke) blanketed Black Mountain and Eagle Bluffs on race day. No views were to be had but the music rocked as the Aid Station recruited Black Sabbath to serve the Knee Knackerers. Karen Chow’s race day photos from Eagle Bluffs are here.

Race Day Photos from Leigh Peterson

Leigh Peterson stepped in as a last minute photographer for the first-quarter stretch at the Cypress aid station. Her race day photos are here. (Thank you, Leigh, for volunteering, and to Ed Sargisson for reaching out to Leigh.)

Race Day Photos from VFK

VFK’s race day photos from: Cleveland Dam are here. Panorama Park (Award Ceremonies) are here.