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Race Day Photos from David Cox

David Cox’s race day photos from Panorama Park (Finish Line) are here. Note:  Many more race photo albums to be posted.  

The delicate art of race day parking in Deep Cove

Rule 1 of Deep Cove parking: It’s limited. Scarcer than a raindrop in Vancouver. Rule 2 of Deep Cove parking: Expect to walk a few minutes to reach Panorama Park. Rule 3 of Deep Cove parking: Take a deep breath. You made it to race day so plan ahead and...

June 30 deadline for vollie hours and bbq RSVP

Two deadlines are coming up this Tuesday, June 30: Runner volunteer hours: To register your volunteer efforts, please fill in the volunteer hours form. Party in the park RSVPs: RSVPs for the post-race bbq must be received by midnight, June 30. If you want to a meal at the post-run bbq, you...

Watch and experience the 2014 Knee Knacker race

With race day just over two weeks away, we figured this is the perfect time to share some inspiration. A huge thank you to Jeff Pelletier for putting together another fantastic Knee Knacker video and to Dave Melanson for capturing footage from our 2014 event. Enjoy!