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2022 Race day photos from Panorama Park Set 3 by Mike Winton

Mike Winton race day photos from Panorama Park (Finish line area) are in this photo album. Note: The proceeds of all photo purchases are donated to North Shore Search and Rescue.  Each photo is a digital download (without the KKNSTR watermark) for $2CAD.

2022 Race day photos from Panorama Park Set 2 by Salvador Miranda

“Having been there, I know the feelings when you finally make it to Panorama Park: pain accumulated over 48km and perhaps a few falls along the gnarly trails giving you some blood-stained knees, then trying to sprint those last 100 metres with all the energy you didn’t know you had...

Race day photo from Panorama Park and Award Ceremony

Congratulations to Brandon Gardiner and Marieve Legrand for their wins. Knee Knacker photographers was found from the start line (Nelson Canyon Park) to the finish line (Panorama Park).  The race day photo albums are not posted in any particular order.  The finish line photos will be posted by Tuesday, July...