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April 5, 2017 – Wednesday night training run photos by Salvador Miranda

First 2017 Wednesday night “unofficial” training run is done.  Salvador Miranda’s  training run photos from east of Brother’s Creek are in this photo album.   Note:  The proceeds of all photo purchase are donated to North Shore Search and Rescue.   Each photo is a digital download (without watermark) for $1 USD.  

Cruising into Cleveland

“Hey guys,  the first 25kms was awesome. l’m certain the next 25 will be fantastic!”  …Tom Lucas, 5 times Knee Knacker finisher, cruising into Cleveland Dam checkpoint (mid-point of the race).

Cleveland Dam Aid Station Crew

“These faces , this place, and this typical spread of ultra food is well known to many of you and you might even (just slightly) take it for granted. If you take a second to think it through, it’s amazing. You emerge from the forest to see these smiling faces...

Cleveland Dam race day photos from VFK

To quote a Facebook post from Sybille Tinsel (Cleveland Dam aid station captain): “In my memory (and I have been the Cleveland Dam aid station captain for a long time), it never rained on race day…and certainly never rained that hard during the race.”  Enzo Federico agreed: “This was the wettest we’ve...

2015 Knee Knacker Race Volunteers

This is the last set of 2015 Race Day photos. It’s a photo gallery of some of the 190 Knee Knacker volunteers as they: Lugged kegs of water to Black Mountain; Recruited Black Sabbath to serve water on Black Mountain; Ran Cleveland Dam aid station with the efficiency of a well oiled machine; Dressed as Vegas...