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Power washed

“At this point of the race (approaching Cypress aid station),  you will notice how clean we were emerging from this traditionally mucky section of the race.  This was primarily due to being power washed by the rain and the rushing creeks up and over Black Mountain. I witnessed one of the runners...

It’s a Fine Line to Black Mountain

“The Knee Knacker starts off with a near 4,000ft vertical ascent of Black Mountain up and into the Cypress Mountain ski resort. This is just one of the things that make this race such a classic, and so hard to nail your best time on the course. Come over the...

Ode to Eagle Bluff

“I’ve just ascended straight up the side of a mountain, climbing over scree, talus fields, and giant boulders. At no time did I see anything that even remotely resembled an actual trail. Perhaps there was a trail there once… Before it got buried under several tons of rock by an avalanche...

Race day photos from Clement Cheung

Clement Cheung’s race day photos from: Start line is in this photo album. Black Mountain with Black Sabbath aid station crew at work/play is in this photo album.

Race Day Photos from Geoff Gasior

Even though the last minute call for a Cypress photographer was filled, Geoff offered to take race day photos at Cypress. Thank you, Geoff. Geoff Gasior’s race day photos from: the Start line are here. Cypress Checkpoint are here. 400m west of Cleveland Dam are here.