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Start line 2022 race day photos by Salvador Miranda

Runners: you were not having illusions when you think you saw Salvador throughout the course.  He was at the Start line, at the descent from Black Mountain and at the Finish line from 10:30am to 4pm.  Kudos to Salvador (3 times Knee Knacker finisher) who did the photographer’s version of...

Be water

“Be water…” Flow rather than run… Stride lightly over the top rather than in the valleys Breathe deep, relax and let go of your fear… …Andreas Waldhaus,  2 times Knee Knacker finisher Photo credit:  John Reynolds

Climb High

“That moment when you reach Eagle Bluffs and realize that the biggest climb of the day is behind you… there’s no high quite like it.”  …Hilary Matheson, race day photographer Photo credit: Hilary Matheson

In your blood

The RD: Race dedication Smooth running of the event It is in her blood …Haiku poem written by Keith Wakelin, 2001 Men Winner,  24 times Knee Knacker finisher First time Knee Knackerers:  will it get in your blood? Photo credit:  Salvador Miranda