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Photos from Knee Knacker Information Night

Some of the many take aways from Knee Knacker Information Night  held on Monday, March 10th: Do not eat/wear anything new on race day Socks are underrated sports gear Preventative chaffing solutions Train to mimic the race terrain Cross training is good Have a “finger list” before hitting an aid...

Race Day Photos of 2013 Knee Knacker Volunteers

Here is our last set of Race Day Photos taken by the photog­ra­phy crew. It’s a photo collection of some of the 250+ Knee Knacker Volunteers as they: Donned mozzie hats to battle bugs throughout Cypress and Hollyburn; Provided Hawaiian atmosphere at Hyannis Aid Station along with Mr. Freezies; Dressed up in white dinner jacket and cowboy hat for Black...

More Race Day Photos from Richard So

Combining his tree and rock climbing skills with photography, Richard So’s Race Day Photos from Cypress Mountain answers the question, where was he standing when he took that photo?  Check out his Start line and Cypress Mountain photos here.

Race Day Photos from We Saw

Check out Race Day photos from: Dee Makepeace – Start and Finish Line here Ron Nicholl (18x Knee Knacker Finisher) – Awards Banquet here Karen Chow – Awards Banquet here Monique Simard – Skyline Aid Station here