Author: Enzo Federico

Training Run – May 3

Grouse Mountain to Mountain Highway Return, 14 Km Ooohhhh that felt sooooo gooood to be on the trail today! There’s nothing quite like the first Knee Knacker training run of the season to get excited and pumped up.

Lottery Info

The Knee Knacker committee works very hard to ensure the lottery is a fair process for all entrants.  We want this run to continue to have it’s ‘grassroots’ character

Lottery Night

Hello fellow trail runners!  It’s lottery time! Lottery Deadline Mark your calendars & sign up soon… tomorrow, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28th is the 2009 Knee Knacker Lottery Deadline. For those of you… all 258… who have already signed up

Welcome to KneeKnacker 2009

Hello fellow trail runners! It’s lottery time! Hello fellow trail runners! Welcome to the 21st Annual Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone! Planning is already underway for the 21st Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run, and regular communications will start in the New Year.