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Start line race day photos from Hilary Matheson

“Anticipation was high as racers readied themselves for whatever the day would bring, and a sense of excitement was palpable in the air – rain be damned.  So began the year of the squall(s).” ….Hilary Matheson Hilary Matheson’s race day photo during the squall at the start line can be found...

Race day photos and video from Start line from Salvador Miranda

“The Year of the Squall” was coined by Kelsy Trigg, Race Director.   10+ photographers roamed the race course today.  They experienced challenges with torrential rain, lighting conditions, mosquitos and keeping their camera dry.   A few photographers took photos in 2 or more stations and experienced the variety of weather patterns along the North...

Race day photos from Clement Cheung

Clement Cheung’s race day photos from: Start line is in this photo album. Black Mountain with Black Sabbath aid station crew at work/play is in this photo album.

Race Day Photos from Geoff Gasior

Even though the last minute call for a Cypress photographer was filled, Geoff offered to take race day photos at Cypress. Thank you, Geoff. Geoff Gasior’s race day photos from: the Start line are here. Cypress Checkpoint are here. 400m west of Cleveland Dam are here.