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Race day photos and video from Start line from Salvador Miranda

“The Year of the Squall” was coined by Kelsy Trigg, Race Director.   10+ photographers roamed the race course today.  They experienced challenges with torrential rain, lighting conditions, mosquitos and keeping their camera dry.   A few photographers took photos in 2 or more stations and experienced the variety of weather patterns along the North...

The delicate art of race day parking in Deep Cove

Rule 1 of Deep Cove parking: It’s limited. Scarcer than a raindrop in Vancouver. Rule 2 of Deep Cove parking: Expect to walk a few minutes to reach Panorama Park. Rule 3 of Deep Cove parking: Take a deep breath. You made it to race day so plan ahead and...

Watch and experience the 2014 Knee Knacker race

With race day just over two weeks away, we figured this is the perfect time to share some inspiration. A huge thank you to Jeff Pelletier for putting together another fantastic Knee Knacker video and to Dave Melanson for capturing footage from our 2014 event. Enjoy!