Climb High

“That moment when you reach Eagle Bluffs and realize that the biggest climb of the day is behind you… there’s no high quite like it.”  …Hilary Matheson, race day photographer Photo credit: Hilary Matheson

Come Volunteer With Us

Hello Knee Knacker community! With the lottery finished and the starting line roster known, we’re working diligently to find the 250+ volunteers to help keep the runners nourished, safe, and on the right route on race day. We’ve already filled many of the roles, but there are lots of marshal...

2018 Personal Fundraising Campaign

On your mark, get set, go!! The 2018 personal fundraising campaign is now open! To increase our community impact and legacy, runners, volunteers, and supporters can donate to North Shore Search and Rescue by setting up their own personal donation page or donate to another runner’s page. Donations go directly to North Shore...

In your blood

The RD: Race dedication Smooth running of the event It is in her blood …Haiku poem written by Keith Wakelin, 2001 Men Winner,  24 times Knee Knacker finisher First time Knee Knackerers:  will it get in your blood? Photo credit:  Salvador Miranda  

Discounts for Runners and Volunteers

These are the 2020 discounts and offers from our amazing sponsors to our runners and volunteers. To identify yourself as such to these businesses – Runners: Please show your ID. Volunteers: Please bring a copy of your volunteering email from Dennis Marchant.   Salomon Store West Vancouver:Offering discounts to runners...