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Training Run Photos – May 30, 2010

Iron Knee racers may have been inadvertently included in these sets of Knee Knacker training photos.    If you were running on the trail and we did not see a bib number, you were dubbed a Knee Knackerer for the moment.  🙂 East of Mosquito Creek – Set 2 (Howard Ryujin) East...

Finish Line Photos

Two sets of Finish Line photos for your enjoyment: Set 1 with Finish Times 4:36 to 7:50 and 9:09 to 10:04 (by Fran Bryant) Set 2 with Finish Times 6:52 to 9:02 (by Carol Brown)

Knackering the Baden Powell

Here is another set of photos from Karen Chow, showing our Knee Knackerers running the knarly sections of the Baden Powell (West of Skyline Aid Station). Use the “Slideshow” button in Flickr for best viewing.

2009 Knee Knacker Volunteers Photos

Photos of some of the 250 KneeKnacker Volunteers (supporting the Knee Knacker runners) and the 2009 Race Committee Members are here, taken by any one of our wonderful race day photographers: Ted Marchant (Start Line, Cypress and Cleveland Dam) Beverley O’Neil (Start Line) Martin Blecckett (Cleveland Dam) Karen Chow (Black...

More Race Photos from Karen Chow

Another set from Karen Chow, this time from Eagle Bluff (about 4 miles into the race). How does she get around to all these places for pictures (and still have time to help set up and work the banquet)!!!