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Download pictures for a buck each

Karen Chow and her crew of volunteer photographers have taken, and continue to take, hundreds of great photos of the training runs and the race. Each of these images can be purchased as a digital download from our SmugMug site for a nominal fee of $1 (US) for each picture (in its...

Training Run Photos – July 4, 2010

Below are the training run photos from July 4, 2010.      Finish Line Area (Panorama Park)  – Wolf Eilers and Karoline Eilers Deep Cove (9 Bridges) – Karen Chow

Training Run Photos – June 20, 2010

Thank you to the Knee Knackerers who did a mock start for Howard, one of the Start line photographer on Race day.  As you climbed to Eagle Bluffs enveloped in clouds – yes, another photographer appeared out of the mist.  Then as you nimbly ran, slipped, dove (one of you did...