Author: karen

June 1, 2024 Trail Maintenance Day Photos

After a few years of hiatus, Knee Knacker trail work day is back.  This year. the trail maintenance crew re-routed about 50m near the BCMC and Baden Powell trail intersection.    The steel bridge has been replaced by a stone laden trail.  For quality control, one of the trail maintenance...

May 22, 2024 Training run photos at Kildonan trail

Karen Chow’s Wednesday night training run photos from Kildonan trail can be found in this photo album. Note: The proceeds of all photo purchases are donated to North Shore Search and Rescue. Each photo is a digital download (without the KKNSTR watermark) for $2 CAD.

2024 Runners Night photos by Salvador Miranda

Thank you to Erin Galloway, Owen Hope, Kim Magnus and Ellie Greenwood for their stories and training tips,  Forerunners North Shore for hosting this event and our sponsors for the fabulous door prizes. Salvador Miranda’s photos from this evening can be found in this photo album. Note:  The proceeds of...