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Be water

“Be water…” Flow rather than run… Stride lightly over the top rather than in the valleys Breathe deep, relax and let go of your fear… …Andreas Waldhaus,  2 times Knee Knacker finisher Photo credit:  John Reynolds

In your blood

The RD: Race dedication Smooth running of the event It is in her blood …Haiku poem written by Keith Wakelin, 2001 Men Winner,  24 times Knee Knacker finisher First time Knee Knackerers:  will it get in your blood? Photo credit:  Salvador Miranda  

Eagle Bluffs race day photos from Hilary Matheson

“The sun peeked over the edge of Cypress Mountain as runners crested the Bluffs, and temperatures rose quickly (along with the bugs). I sought to capture the emotions that each racer was experiencing as they neared the top of the first big climb of the race and their tired legs...

Race day photos from Hollyburn Connector

“After the big descent and quickly stopping from some refreshment at the Cypress aid station, there comes this very technical, dark and humid section with lots of ups and downs (more ups than downs), plenty slippery wet roots waiting for your distraction, rotten and lose wood planks, steep creek crossings....

Black Mt. Biergartan race day photos from Nathan Starzynski

“As runners neared the top of Black Mountain, the sound of the vuvuzela grew louder. Music played in the trees, and a festive celebration was taking place at the summit. Spurred on by cheers and encouragement, smiles were aplenty as runners caught sight of the Black Mt. Biergarten banner. The...