Cruising into Cleveland

“Hey guys,  the first 25kms was awesome. l’m certain the next 25 will be fantastic!”  …Tom Lucas, 5 times Knee Knacker finisher, cruising into Cleveland Dam checkpoint (mid-point of the race).

Up! Up! And Away!

“Up! Up! And Away! From just above sea level to the top of Black Mountain in less than five kilometres! Crazy! It really is quite a spectacular feat when you consider that this is typically a whole race for some people. With Knee Knacker, it’s only the beginning of an amazing...

Downhill Dash

“Nimbly scampering down the rocky section on the other side of Black, careful not to blow out our knees and quads too early at this stage.  Gotta save some zip for the rest of the run.”   …Sandra Wada, 2 times Knee Knacker finisher.

Power washed

“At this point of the race (approaching Cypress aid station),  you will notice how clean we were emerging from this traditionally mucky section of the race.  This was primarily due to being power washed by the rain and the rushing creeks up and over Black Mountain. I witnessed one of the runners...

Hurtling Down the Chute

“Slowly, runners appeared out of the dense fog on Hollyburn Mountain – tiny dots of colour against a gray backdrop. They hurtled down the chute, muddy and exhilarated.”   …Hilary Matheson

Attitude is Everything

At just before the 3/4 mark aid station most folks are looking a lot worse than this. In fact, Claire, Cindy and Matt are looking quite incredible on this punchy little staircase exiting Varley Trail. Or are they? Perhaps they have firmly taken grip of the seasoned advice of our own Gary Robbins, “Fake...