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June 8 Trail Day – Trail elves wanted!

Trail Day is fast approaching on Saturday, June 8 and we need your help! Every year this event is our way to give back to the community by maintaining and improving the trails we enjoy so much. You don’t need any special skills, tools, or equipment to participate–we’re simply looking...

Trail Elves on Hollyburn Chute

Many thanks to Andrew, Aaron, Craig and Victor for clearing the many trees fallen on the Hollyburn Chute.  Just in time for the Knee Knacker Training Run on this section tomorrow!

Hollyburn Chute conditions and May 26 training run changes

This year is a particularly bad one for windfall on many trails, with several sustaining significant damage from storms over the past six months. The Hollyburn Chute section of the Baden Powell Trail (which is roughly south of the Holllyburn Lodge to Craigmohr Road) had, at last count, about 60...

Trail Day 2013 will be June 8

The 2013 Trail Day will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2013. As always, we’ll be working with the District of North Vancouver to improve a section of the Baden Powell Trail. More details will be announced in late May.

Can you walk on mud?

We didn’t have time to finish everything, but what we did finish will keep you from getting sucked into a bog next year. Yes, there are new bog bridges on Black Mountain, courtesy of the trail work party on September 15. To see what happened on that wonderfully sunny day,...