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June 10 Training Run Photos – We Saw

Check out June 10 Training Run photos from: 9 Bridges (Panorama Park) – Photos by Andrew Wong Entering Indian River Road – Photos by Howard Ryujin Exiting Indian River Road – Photos by Karen Chow East of Mount Seymour Road  – Photos by Karen Chow

June 3 Training Run Photos — He Saw, She Saw

Check out June 3 Training Run photos from: Intersection of BCMC and Baden Powell trails – Photos by Andrew Wong Intersection of Skyline and Baden Powell trails – Photos by Karen Chow Seymour Grind to Hyannis Road – Photos by Karen Chow

Smile! Photography models wanted

The Knee Knacker photo team is looking for a few veteran (2 years +) Knee Knacker runners to participate in a photo shoot this weekend! Your photos will be used to promote the race. You must be familiar with the BP trail as we’ll use your knowledge to find the...

March website photographers

This month’s website header photos were taken by Karen Chow, Graham Johnson, Dave McKie, and Howard Ryujin. If you want the full version of any header photos, go to the photo archives to search through the SmugMug albums.

This month’s photographers

You may have noticed that we’re changing our banner photos every month. Just to keep things fresh, you understand. For February, we’ve dug into the photo archives to select a few from Wolf Eilers, Damien Murphy, and Karen Chow.