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Snow Grooming

2017 has been a fantastic ski season.   What does mean for the snow conditions along the Baden Powell trail on race day? “The way things look now, it will be nowhere near 1999 unless there are many more serious storms in next few weeks followed by unseasonable cool weather in...

Hurtling Down the Chute

“Slowly, runners appeared out of the dense fog on Hollyburn Mountain – tiny dots of colour against a gray backdrop. They hurtled down the chute, muddy and exhilarated.”   …Hilary Matheson

Jumping Benji

With hops like these you’d think Benji won the Knee Knacker wouldn’t you? In a literal sense he didn’t but these photos show that Benji embodies the true spirit of Knee Knacker and is deeply a winner. This kind of joy can only come from running in the unbeatable terrain of...

Race Day Photos from Andreas Waldhaus

Andreas Waldhaus’ race day photos from Hollyburn Chute are here. Note:  All photos can be purchased as a digital download from our SmugMug site for a nominal fee of $1 (US) for each picture.  All photo proceeds generated from these sales are donated to North Shore Rescue.