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Race day photos from Richard So

“With more than three quarters of the race complete and the Seymour Grind awaiting, runners can be excused for thinking that they’ve entered a fantasy land. The Hyannis station obliged, by providing a fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Already known for their exuberant volunteers sponging down...

Race day photos from Ron Nicholl

Ron Nicholl (18 time Knee Knacker finisher) ran the first half of the course and unfortunately he had to stop at Cleveland Dam.   🙁 Ron continued his race day experience photographing his fellow KneeKnackerers as they ran the final 400metres to the Finish line.  Ron’s race day photos from: Baden Powell by Panorama Park...

Race day photos from Salvador Miranda

Photographers have knarly injuries too.  Salvador slipped while taking a better position for fast approaching runners, scrapped his leg bloody and his camera lens hit a rock.  Leg will heal.  Camera lens not so lucky and now “limping”. 🙁 Salvador Miranda (Knee Knacker veteran) race day photos from 400 metres east of Panorama Park are here.