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Little mountain goat in heels

For all you first-timers… ah, what the heck, even for all you multi-year Knee Knackerers :-)… here are some beautiful thoughts from a 2012 first-timer, Little Mountain Goat in Heels. Be inspired and don’t worry, it’s been an amazing journey to come this far, so enjoy every moment of the...

Words and experiences to live by

As you begin the taper portion of your Knee Knacker season, here are some blogs from several past Knee Knacker runners to help you prepare for the big day, less than one month away! Poor Life Choices Running Tough TrailHunger Amber’s Bomber Adventures RichSo’s Blog Pricey Runs

June 8 – Trail Maintenance Day Photos – They built

This is the twentieth year of Knee Knacker Trail Maintenance Day.  A new boardwalk was built and trail drainage was improved on the Baden Powell Trail east of Hyannis Drive. Check out the photos from: Set 1 – East of Hyannis Drive (Karen Chow) Set 2 – East of Hyannis Drive (Andrew Wong)...

May 26 – Training Run Photos – We Saw

Andrew planned to take photos of y’all running across Brother’s Creek.   All of you got there before he did!   Andrew Wong’s photos of Brother’s Creek sans runners are here. Karen Chow’s Hollyburn Chute train­ing run photos are here.