Yearly Archive: 2012

25th anniversary jackets on sale

Do you see that? Yes, that new selection on our website’s menu bar. “25th Anniversary“.  It’s where we’re putting everything to celebrate our quarter century, starting with the sale of limited edition commemorative jackets. Check it out!

Fundraising is open!

The 2013 personal fundraising site for North Shore Search and Rescue is now open. Go here for the details.

Mark Your Calendars! Knee Knacker 2013: July 13!

Hello, Knee Knacker Community. Welcome to the 25th Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run! It’s almost a ‘reverse hibernation’ that happens around this time…the weather changes and the Knee Knacker Committee starts to gear up with planning for the next edition. This year is a particularly special milestone, so mark...

Can you walk on mud?

We didn’t have time to finish everything, but what we did finish will keep you from getting sucked into a bog next year. Yes, there are new bog bridges on Black Mountain, courtesy of the trail work party on September 15. To see what happened on that wonderfully sunny day,...

September 15 Black Mt. Trail Day details

Six volunteers. That’s all we need for the Saturday, September 15 trail day at Cypress Provincial Park, where we’ll work with BC Parks to build boardwalks and make trail repairs in the Black Mt. area. The group will be split into two crews to cover the multiple sites that BC Parks has...