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Hello Knee Knacker Ultra-trailrunners, Volunteers and Guests! It’s less than two weeks before the BIG DAY. Here are the details for the 2009 Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run Celebration Banquet

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Race Banquet The Race Banquet is a very special part of the Knee Knacker and we encourage all participants, volunteers, friends & family to attend

Training Run – June 28th

Training Run – First 1/2, 24 Km Can you say “mud”? Can you say “wow”? How about “whew!” If 1999 was “Year of the Snow”, and 2000 was “Year of the Less Snow”, and 2005 was “Year of the Mud”

Training Run Pictures

Check out the below links for pictures from our recent training runs on the KneeKnacker course

Training Run – June 21

First ¾’s, 38 Km Last Sunday’s run was the biggie. It was the peak of our Knee Knacker training runs. I hope that whatever you were doing over the last few days you feel as though you’ve maxed out your training and you’re feeling strong. We met at Lynn Canyon...

Volunteer Hours

Still looking to fulfill your Volunteer hours before the race? For racers looking to fulfill their mandatory volunteer hours, a fantastic site listing hundreds of volunteer opportunities is