Volunteer Hours

Still looking to fulfill your Volunteer hours before the race? For racers looking to fulfill their mandatory volunteer hours, a fantastic site listing hundreds of volunteer opportunities is http://www.govolunteer.ca/

New Look….Same Feel

No….you are not in the wrong place. Welcome to the new Knee Knacker website. We have revamped the site with a new feel and fresh look just in time for race day. There are a few pieces that are still under construction but everything should be functional in the coming...

Training Run – June 14

Cypress Top Lookout (Skyline Trail) to Deep Cove, 33 km What do you get after dedicated months of training and a strong desire to toe the line at the Knee Knacker in July

Training Run – May 31

Cleveland Dam to Cypress Bowl Return – various distances This was our first official group run on the first half of the course. It was a chance to see where the snow was at and find out just how fun it is to navigate Hollyburn Mountain

Trail Work Party – May 30

In this electronic age, cameras have been replaced by tiny phones with even tinier cameras. What would Alexander Bell think of that? He probably would have said, “a thousand words is better than a picture.” Ergo, there are no pictures of the fantastic Trail Day crew hard at work.

Training Run – May 24

Last Half – 24 km  Our run on Sunday was another success with another great day of weather. It’s not always like this but we’ll take it for sure. Well over 50 people attended,