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Memorial Connector race day photos from Hilary Matheson

“Caught up with some of the racers heading through Knee Knacker’s newest section of trail along Indian River Drive. It was inspiring to see how determined everyone was heading into the last few kilometers, knowing they were close enough to smell the barn door.”…  Hilary Matheson Hilary Matheson’s race day photos...

Race Day Photos around Memorial Connector Trail

Knee Knackerers cruised downhill (with some uphill bumps), some with sore IT bands, trashed quads, cramping calves or sprained ankles, but not all at once. Determination and perseverance was played out in the last 4 kms. Karen Chow’s race day photos around the new Memorial Connector Trail are here.    

May 31 training run photos – Flying through the ferns

The May 31st training run went through the new Memorial Connector Trail section of the Baden Powell Trail, just off Indian River Drive. Spending time there while waiting for the runners made me appreciate the efforts of the trail builders. It was also obvious that the route was well thought...